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26th - 30th August Meal Plan C

26th - 30th August Meal Plan C

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This plan covers your daily meals for lunch or dinner from Monday to Friday.

With 5 exciting meals to get you through your busy work week, eating healthy is easy!

We highly recommend that you follow our daily meal plan schedule with your meals. You may see our daily arrangement of the meals below.

Note: Please check our menu items for any dietary restrictions you may have. If you do have any restrictions, kindly leave us a notification and we’ll get back to you. Performance meal plans are larger in portion size and calories, and are recommended for highly active individuals who require more. If you wish to opt out of vegetarian meals, there will be a supplemental charge. Any dishes swapped out will be replaced with another dish from the menu of the week. Thank you for your kind understanding.

You may also refer to our FAQs

**Cut-off time for ordering is Thursday, 22nd August at 9.00pm.

Include Vegetarian Dishes? (Item will be swapped out for another item in the menu of the week)
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