Meal Prep is for Everyone Meal prep is perfect for anyone who wants to stay on track of their health, and also makes hectic and impromptu lifestyles way easier without cracking skulls for breakfast, lunch or dinner plans. Our meal subscription service is an initiative dedicated to people who live busy lives but want to be in control of their nutrition.


Join the Soul Grub Community - Healthy Living For A Week (5 days) We prep your meals for you and we deliver it to you! All you have to do is simply enjoy your meals guilt-free, and feel good. “Meal Preparation Service” - A button of convenience to put our consumers in good shape and health. Expect delicious meals daily for 5 days a week. Our food is done with balanced and rightful nutrition to suit YOUR needs.


Selecting Your Meals Plans Macros information is stated, so you can select your meals plans. Remember to drop us a note if you have any dietary restrictions and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. We have 3 types of meal plans : Plan A : 15 Meals (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) Plan B : 10 Meals (Lunch & Dinner) Plan C : 5 Meals (Lunch or Dinner)

We also have 2 portion sizes: Standard & Performance. The menus are the same for both, just difference in the overall calories of each box. We recommend our customers who are looking to maintain or lose weight to order Standard. Performance meal plans are for individuals who are highly active and require a higher caloric intake.



Soul Grub prides ourselves with freshly made soul foods that is fuss-free. Meals are cooked fresh from our kitchen and packed in biodegradable boxes. Hence, without having your fridges bombarded by boxes of meal preps, we deliver twice a week for the convenience of everyone. After payment confirmation, you will receive your meals on Sundays and Tuesdays.

For meals from Monday to Tuesday, deliveries will be arranged on Sunday between 9.30am-12pm.

For meals from Wednesday to Friday, deliveries will be arranged on Tuesday between 5.30pm-9pm.

This is to ensure that you are able to make necessary changes to bring your food to work/deliver it to your workplace, and still have storage space in your fridge. But not to worry about the delivery method, we will contact you once your order is dispatched for delivery.


Cut-off Time for Ordering

We want to start your subscription on a fresh week so that you can have a full week experience of Soul Grub. Hence, do note the following cut-off timing for ordering:

Place your orders by Thursday, 9pm for the following week’s subscription.

General Information

How do I place an online order? Do check out our menu page for the food selection or simply add your desired meal plan option to your cart and checkout with payment from there. We offer 3 Meal Plans.

Plan A : 15 Meals (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) Plan B : 10 Meals (Lunch & Dinner) Plan C : 5 Meals (Lunch or Dinner)

What if I have dietary restrictions? If you have any dietary restrictions, please leave us a notice in the remarks portion before checking out. We do have customers that don’t take beef/fish/prawns, and we will swap these meals out to another meal within the same week.

When do you do deliveries? We do our deliveries twice weekly. 1st Delivery : Sunday morning between 9.30am - 12pm for Monday and Tuesday’s meals. 2nd Delivery: Tuesday evening between 5.30pm - 9pm for Wednesday to Friday’s meals.

Will I get a reminder for before deliveries? Yes! We drop our customers a text or WhatsApp message before the deliveries are made. That is the best time to inform us if you have any issues with the delivery timings or any special requests. We do our best to accommodate but we hope you understand if we cannot fulfill every request.

What if I’m not home during the allocated delivery time? As much as possible, we hope that you will be able to receive the food during the time slots. However, if you are out during the time; 1. Please inform us in advance so that we can inform our drivers and try to arrange an earlier / later delivery for you. 2. If your alternate delivery timing is out of our time slots, you may self collect the meals from our kitchen, or we can arrange another delivery for you at $10.

Do you provide nutritional information? Yes! It’s found in the individual pages of the dishes on our weekly menus!

How long do the meals stay fresh for? Keep it refrigerated at or below 4c for 3 days. Simply remove cover, add 1 tablespoon of water and microwave it for 90 to 120 seconds on medium heat. (Certain items do not require reheating and consumers will be informed on the packaging.)

How do I know if Soul Grub is nutritionally beneficial to me? Soul grub meals are curated to be calorie controlled with balanced nutritional value. To thoroughly enjoy nutritious eating, we recommend you to jump on board our meal subscription!

Is there any cooking involved? We got that taken care of for you. All of our meals are portioned and packaged into microwave safe containers. All you have to do is reheat when you are ready to eat by following the reheating instructions on the labels.


Can I change / cancel my order? Unfortunately, once you have placed an order, we are unable to change it as our team would have all the ingredients ordered by then. However, for customers with special dietary restrictions, our team will reach out to you separately.

Payment Methods Payments can be made online through Stripe via Visa, Mastercard, and Apple Pay etc.

Promotions and Gift Cards Discounts may not be used in addition to other promotions.

Returns & Refunds

Returns Policy Unfortunately, we won’t be accepting returns for hygiene reasons.

Soul Grub reserves the right to modify or terminate any program or promotions at anytime without notice.